Ever go into a space and think…well this is a little weird? But you can’t help but be intrigued? In comes the The Mattress Factory; a contemporary art museum in Pittsburgh that was founded in 1977, by artists, to support artists working in residence to create site-specific installations. This was one of the museums that my friends in Pittsburgh recommended I check out.

Mattress Factory
500 Sampsonia Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4444

The reason I was dying to go to The Mattress Factory was because of it’s collections of James Turrell pieces. I’m basically obsessed. Any type of art that includes light and space is one for me. In addition to seeing both Catso, Red and Danaë I was also able to secure one of the final viewings of Pleaides.

Pleiades is a permanent installation and a dark room piece where the your eyes create the experience. The space feels substantially larger and different than what is in front of you. You enter in on a ramp into a room of darkness where you are allowed 15 minutes for your eyes to adjust and create the experience. I personally didn’t stay in the space for the entire time because it made me feel uneasy. I had a difficult time fully relaxing into the experience. I feel like a second trip would allow me to experience it to the full extent.

The Mattress Factory is nothing short of fantastic if not a bit weird. Nope, actually it is weird and fabulous because of it. The museum rehabilitated nine properties that were once abandoned or considered non-contributing buildings within the community. Now they are homes to thought-provoking contemporary art installations.

It truly is amazing and you should make sure you stop by to see what exhibitions are currently on view!


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