The Artful Epicure is where art, travel and food intertwine.

10011920_766718343524_9077074377622935618_oMy name is Tracy. I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. I was never one for the country life and escaped to a small city when I graduated high school to study music.  It was during this time I got my first international travel experience with a trip to China as an orchestral musician. From that moment on I was hooked on experiencing different places. I wanted to go everywhere!

I have been living in a city larger than the next ever since and fitting in as much travel as possible. I currently work a full-time job and freelance within the arts sector. I’ve lived in Boston, Houston and Philadelphia and traveled to China, South Africa, Europe, Canada and twenty-five states while experiencing art and eating great food along the way. Come and explore with me!

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