There are so many restaurants in Pittsburgh that I had a really hard time deciding which ones to prioritize since I had such a limited time in the city. After perusing menus I decided on The Butcher and the Rye, which is run by chef Richard DeShantz.

What I Ate:
  • Rustic Bread – pan gravy, lard, black pepper and sage
  • Pig Candy – pork belly, apple kim chi, miso caramel, and cilantro
  • Brussels – brown butter, dill, parmigiano reggiano and preserved lemon aioli
The Butcher & The Rye
212 6th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

When I travel alone I never make reservations. Mostly because I don’t like to commit to a spot since I may change my mind.

Well, I wish I had made a reservation for The Butcher and the Rye because it was packed! Every seat even at the bar was taken, so I hung out for a little bit and finally scored a bar seat in the corner. I’m so glad that I waited it out.

I’m a sucker for brussel sprouts. If they are on the menu I’m usually ordering them. The combination of the brown butter, dill was delicious, but that lemon aioli? Now THAT was divine!

The pork belly was like candy like always, but you can’t even begin to figure out how apple kim che and caramel miso are going to make it better, but they do. I can’t even describe it.

The bread and butter was a simple addition, but that pan gravy? It’s one of my favorite parts of our holiday meals at home so when I saw it on the menu I had to try it.

There is so much on the menu that sounds delicious and I ended up with three dishes that may not go together, but I wanted to try them. Every single one was delicious in their own way. I can only imagine how good everything else on the menu is. It’s pretty simple. Go try The Butcher and the Rye!

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