The Carnegie Museum of Art is located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh right by the University of Pittsburgh. It was founded in 1895 by Andrew Carnegie and contains collections of contemporary art. Since contemporary art is my favorite I was thrilled to check this space out!

Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

The Carnegie Museum of Art is huge! I mean, it’s actually two museums that are put together. It’s also attached to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. There is a clear architectural distinction between the two museums, which is very cool to see in person. I think I love modern architecture as much as I love contemporary art. The use of space, height and glass makes the building feel ethereal.

The permanent collections are worth as much of a visit as the exhibitions. I was particularly taken with the flow of the exhibition spaces and some of the pieces including the gorgeous Mondrians and the Frank Stella.

If you’re into art and you’re in Pittsburgh make sure you stop by the Carnegie Museum of Art.


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