This wasn’t my first trip to Wm. Muhlerin’s Sons. I stumbled onto it by accident a few weeks prior for brunch (post coming soon) and was so taken with the restaurant that I needed to give it another try. This time I dragged along a good friend of mine who is my Philly restaurant partner-in- crime. She happens to be a pesco-vegetarian so our meal is light of meat. This is not my normal style, but it made me look at the menu in a different way and try things I might not normally if I were by myself.

What I Ate:
  • Seafood Mixto – mussels, octopus, rock shrimp, calamari, lemon
  • Pumpkin Pizza – fall squash, mountain gorgonzola, truffle burrata
  • Porcini Cavatelli – fontina and taleggio fonduta
  • Coffee Pot de Creme – dulce de leche caramel, chocolate ganache, hazelnut crunch
Wm. Mulherin’s Sons
1355 N Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19122
(215) 291-1355

Wm. Muhlerin’s Sons is an italian-american eatery located in Philadelphia’s hippest neighborhood of Fishtown. It’s led by Executive Chef Chris Painter and housed in a restored whiskey bottling and barreling building that dates back to 1900 and shut down during the prohibition in 1924.

The outside of the building is striking against the dirty Philadelphia streets. It’s pure simplistic perfection. When you walk into the space you’re completely swept by it’s ambience complete with dark wood paneling, the smell of pine, subway tile, dark leather and whimsical details like the mural in the entryway with woodland creatures. I equate the entire restaurant to something you’d find in a Wes Anderson movie.

We started off our meal with the seafood mixto, which is a light appetizer of mussels, octopus, rock shrimp, calamari, lemon served ceviche style with house-made bread. The flavor of the seafood was topped nicely with red crushed pepper and lemon. Next up was the pumpkin pizza. Seriously, the crust on the pizza is worth writing home about. It’s perfectly baked, seasoned and topped with the most amazing truffled burata and mountain gorgonzola that melts in your mouth.

The pasta dishes are presented in a pure form. It’s about the simplicity of a well cooked noodle topped with the ideal blend of flavors including porcini mushrooms, fontina and finished with a nutty and fruity taleggio cheese.

I ended the meal with the coffee pot de creme. I was debating between two desserts and asked the server for a suggestion. She said hands down get the pot de creme. Well, it did not disappoint. The pot de creme style dessert is becoming one of my new favorites. It’s silky and rich with caramel and chocolate ganache topped with the crunch of hazelnut. It’s the perfect end to a meal.

Wm. Mulherin’s Sons was just deemed the best new restaurant in Philadelphia and it is not just hype. It’s a restaurant and an experience that you will want to rush to Fishtown for time and time again.

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