I have had two trips recently to Baltimore since relocating back to the East Coast. I never spent much time there with the exception of going to the aquarium when I was younger and visiting for an opera audition. I’ve learned a lot more about the neighborhoods since that time (and they have also changed a lot), but still have a lot of exploring to do.

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Every neighborhood has a different personality and I’ve only scratched the surface. The highlight of the tourist attractions are by the Inner Harbor, with so many restaurants, businesses, and activities stemming from the area. I invite you to walk around other neighborhoods like Mount Vernon and Fell’s Point, which are historical and beautiful. There might not be as many attractions, but you’ll get a better idea of the culture of the city. They are two of my favorite spots right up there with the Baltimore Museum of Art, which is a must visit.

Baltimore is a city that has a little grit and a little glam that is on the rise. It’s definitely worth a visit. I know I’ll be going again sometime soon!

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