I found myself in the suburbs of Philadelphia taking care of some errands and went out of my way to try the Malvern Buttery. I have attempted to go before, but they were closed! I was thrilled it could finally work in my schedule. It’s a cafe with serve yourself food and communal seating.

What I Ate:

  • Pork, bean and kale soup

  • Bread + Butter

  • Canelé

  • Sea Salt Sable

  • Cafe au lait with vanilla

233 E King St
Malvern, PA 19355
(610) 296-2534

The soup was a broth based stew, which had incredible flavor from the broth. It was a little too bean heavy for me, but that’s just my preference. The bread and butter were the perfect complement to the soup.

Finally, the dessert had me swooning. I’m a sucker for any good french pastry and the canelé did not disappoint. Shortbread is my next favorite and the sable just melted in my mouth. I was giving the audible “mmmm” as I enjoyed my cafe au lait and desserts.

The concept is a simple one, but it’s executed perfectly. What’s different is the quality of food and the abundance of amazing breads and pastries all baked on the premises. The decor and ambience paired with the food make the Malvern Buttery a place worth going out of your way for.

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