I’ll be honest. I’d never heard of The Dabney or Jeremiah Langhorne before my most recent visit to DC. I normally spend a lot of time scoping out the food scene, but knew that I was meeting up with a friend of mine in DC that is also a food blogger,  The Capital Gourmand. I’m so glad that he introduced me to the cuisine of Chef Jeremiah Langhorne who earned a Michelin star in 2016 for the work he has done at The Dabney.

When you walk into the restaurant you feel like you’re walking into the quintessential southern home with welcoming interiors; upscale classic southern decor including an open kitchen that allows you to see everyone at work.  I am completely charmed by southern style and hospitality, so I knew I would love this spot. The Dabney specializes in mid-atlantic cuisine that is sourced from local farms. Some of the ingredients are so local that they are picked from a garden on their very own roof!

The Dabney
122 Blagden Alley NW
Washington, DC 20001

What I Ate:
  • Sweet Potato Roll — fried chicken, hot honey, pickles, & Duke’s mayo
  • Foie Gras Parfait — grilled brioche & prune-mustard jam
  • Ember-Roasted Carrots — whipped ricotta, sumac, fried garlic, & spicebush
  • Hearth Roasted Vegetables — potato purée, crispy shallots, & parsley
  • Seven Hills Beef Cheeks — kale, pickled mushrooms, potato purée, black garlic, & red wine jus
  • Apple Butter Cake — rum ice cream, hearth-roasted apples, & caramel

Every day The Dabney features a different sweet potato roll in their bar. When we sat down the bartender told us that some people come and only eat the rolls. Well, I’m a sucker for hot chicken so this order was a no-brainer. It was absolutely delicious! Not too hot with the crisp of the breading and coolness of the pickles. You seriously can’t go wrong. My only regret is not ordering more than one!

Another favorite dish was the hearth roasted vegetables with potato purée and crispy shallots. I like every ingredient of this dish and all together it was amazing. It was a delicious blend of crisp greens and radishes that was all tied together in it’s flavor.

The beef cheeks though was out of this world. The meat was so moist that it fell apart and completely melted in your mouth. With every bite I was sent back to Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s house. Sheer perfection.

We ended the meal with the apple butter cake. This is the perfect dessert for a fall evening with it’s hearth-roasted apples and caramel. It was a nice sweet conclusion to a delicious meal.

Everything about The Dabney is charming. The interiors and dishes are upscale and refined, but also welcoming. It’s definitely worth a visit next time you are in DC!  Congrats to Chef Jeremiah Langhorne for a wonderfully executed menu and space.

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