Founded in 1905, the Hotel Grand Union is now known as HGU NEW YORK; a boutique hotel located off of Madison Ave that is the perfect blend of old New York meets new New York. A few years ago the property underwent $18 million worth of renovations to become the hip and fun hotel today. It provides the comfort and familiarity of coming home and the opportunity for fun with a lounge and contemporary art collection.

34 E. 32nd Street
New York, NY

When I visit any city I immediately check out Kimpton properties, which are my normal go to, but I am so glad I found HGU NEW YORK! I came across the property on a third party site, which provided a very good review of the space from former guests. When I went to the official property website I immediately fell in love. I feel like this space was designed with my personal aesthetic in mind.

It’s located at 32nd and Madison, which is basically the perfect midtown location. You are right next to a train line, walking distance to Penn Station and close to Chelsea. It’s also located on the cusp of Koreatown, which provides some amazing options for food and retail including restaurants, fast food and a plethora of Asian beauty stores.

I checked in a bit early expecting to only drop my bag off, but the hotel was completely un-phased. They checked me into my room and I discovered that they upgraded me from a queen to a king size room. Completely made my day!

Other perks of the property include the amazing lounge, which provides a great place to hang out. I also received two free breakfasts in the hotel restaurant for both nights. I’m not sure if they do this for regular guests or if it was a perk of the provider I booked through.

The design of the common spaces and the rooms are a completely different feel. I personally liked this. When I went back to the room, I felt like I was in my bedroom. It was the perfect style for me and completely comfortable. The best thing? It was so quiet! Like seriously, not even a peep. I have never stayed in a hotel in NYC that was quiet, so this was a pleasant surprise. Particularly when the downstairs has a pretty happening bar.

I also suffered a migraine while I was there and the staff was so helpful and concerned. It helped that the property was so quiet in the recovery. I was impressed with how they went above and beyond to help with making sure I had water and asking how I was the next day.

The short of it is, I wish I could be an adult Madeline and move-in. I’ve always wanted to live in a hotel. Thank you HGU NEW YORK for providing a home away from home!

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