The New Museum is an contemporary art museum located in lower Manhattan, New York City. The building is modern architecture at it’s best; comprised of a steel exterior that contrasts against the brick facade of the neighborhood. The interior is a concrete and white canvas perfectly suited for the contemporary conversations provided by it’s exhibiting artists. Currently on view is “A Pen of All Work” by artist Raymond Pettibon.

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

A Pen of All Work” is an exhibition by artist Raymond Pettibon that spans three floors and over thirty years of drawings. This marks his his first ever major museum exhibition in New York. His work draws from his experiences, reflections and thoughts concerning major events in history and politics.

“These works poignantly evoke the country’s shifting values across time, from the idealistic postwar period in which he was born to the collapse of the American counterculture in the ’70s and ’80s to the painful military and social conflicts of the present.”

The wonderful thing about Pettibon’s work is that no matter what age and when you were born you can find something that you are familiar with to grasp on to. It makes your brain work piecing together the thoughtful points he’s trying to represent. You will find work that addresses surfing, baseball, war, family or voices of political figures. You will recognize characters such as Charles Manson, Gumby, Superman and former/current presidents presented in a style that is translatable to all ages.

A Pen of All Work” is on view at the New Museum through April 9, 2017.

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